Monday, February 15, 2010

Time That It Takes To Get Listed On The OTCBB Exchange?

We get asked by private companies how long it will take them to get listed on the OTCBB Exchange every day. The answer is we do not know and no one else knows either. The average time range is between four and six months. We have listed companies in as little as three months but that rarely happens. In our approx. 15 years of listing private companies on the OTCBB Exchange we have never been able to predict the length of time that it will take a company to get listed.

We have seen start-up companies get listed in three months and start-up companies take six months to get listed and the same goes for companies that have been in business for years with revenues and profits. There is no exact formula as each filing can and will be reviewed differently by both the SEC and FINRA.

Over the years Bridge Capital has streamlined the listing process to ensure that our clients get trading as fast as possible. Bridge Capital is always up to date on the newest rules and regulations and models all of their clients filings based on the quickest methods.

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